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We respond to any emergency
Dealing with sewer backups could be a very uncomfortable task since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that cause severe illnesses. Water is the only long term destructive element that can be found indoors. Has the ability to dissolve materials and advocate the growth of many hazardous microorganisms that can cause serious problems. Therefore water can carry a lot of harmful substances and any water disaster requires professional assistance.

We provide a 24/7 emergency service to help you at any time that you need us. Sewage backups contain harmful bacteria that can cause major health issues for anyone exposed to it. The immediate response is crucial and our team can be in your place in a matter of 30 min. Our specialists have years of experience and the best equipment to fully extract any water and restore all the damages. If you engage us you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected. Our sewage backup services include:

 Removal of sewage and water
 Removal of contaminated appliances, furniture, carpet, flooring, etc.
 Ventilation and dry off the area
 Cleaning and sanitizing
 Odor control
 And more…

We’re ready to restore your home or workplace of any disaster. We work for you and we’ll do our best to fulfill your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Any damage that involves black water, septic tank backups or an overflow, are more prone to contain sewage. If any of the situations mentioned before occur, you need a professional to restore your property and stop micro-organism and pathogens from growing.

Warning signs of a sewage backup
• Fail toilet flushing: It is common that the first warning sign of a sewer backup, will be a problem with your toilet. If your toilet doesn’t flush properly and you attempt to plunge it and don’t solve the problem, a backed up sewer could be the culprit.
• Clogged drains: Is normal if your drains clogged from time to time, but is something that happens frequently and more than one drain at a time, it may be the sign of a bigger problem.
• Bubbles: Bubbles are caused by trapped air caused from water that is trying to pass through the clogged area of the drain. If you see significant bubbling as the water drains, there is a likely a backup preventing the water from flowing easily.
• Unusual noises: If you hear excessive gurgling from your toilet, shower or sinks, it may indicate a blocked sewer line.
• Water baking up into other drains: If your bathroom sink or toilet is backing up into the shower or another drain, could be a sign that you need a sewer cleaning or a trenchless sewer line replacement.

Remember that is very important to take care of any water damage immediately. When sewage backup occurs it can not only be harmful to your floors, but also to your health. As soon as you call us, we’ll take care your emergency very seriously and we’ll provide you the best service possible. Call us at 972 947 99 11 and we’ll give you all the information that you need. We will respond to any emergency restoration, no matter the size or the type, we are her to help you.