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We protect your property from fire and sprinkler damages
We offer a wide range of services to assist you if your property has suffered a fire or sprinkler damage. Doesn’t matter the problem you have, when it comes to restoration and damage repair, we have the correct solutions that will fit your unique needs. We’ll rescue your place to a good condition and you don’t have to be worried about anything. Fire, smoke, and water damages are incidents that require professional assistance to ensure that your place will not have future problems.

Is a fact that fire sprinklers are important for preventing fire damage and saves lives but also, they can cause serious water damage emergencies. When your fire sprinkler goes off and sprays water in all directions, the water will get absorbed in your carpets, drywall, wood floors and, furnishings. It is crucial that you call us immediately to prevent secondary problems such as mold and mildew. These problems can be worse than the water damage. Our fire and sprinkler damage services include:

 24/7 emergency service
 Water extraction
 Carpet drying and cleaning
 Drying and restoration of the affected areas
 Water damage restoration
 Damage inventory and documentation
 Insurance billing
 And more…

As professionals, you can count on us for the best quality services. We are licensed for water damage cleanup, bonded and insured. We provide a unique service to all of our customers inasmuch as each property is different and require a special service according to their specific needs. Fire sprinkler water damage can cause serious problems to your property if is not treated accordingly and professionally. That’s why we are prepared at any time that you need us to properly solve your water damage.

Having a sprinkler system could save your life from a fire, but water damage from the sprinkler can cause additional problems with or without a fire. This system may save your home or business from burning, but when they go off accidentally they can still result in some serious damage and require professional assistance. Also, this can occur if the fire sprinkler system begins to leak or goes off without the presence of fire damage.
Is understandable that you can’t control the possibility of fire or water damage, but you can certainly control how you react. An experienced and professional team is important to minimizing the immediate and future damages that this incident could cause in your resident or commercial property. We’ll out our experience and expertise to work on an individual level to protect your family, colleagues and property you cherish the most.

Fire sprinkler tips:
 Conduct regular inspection, testing, and maintenance of your sprinkler system to prevent future incidents.
 Maintain an adequate heat temperature during the winter months to prevent an automatic activation of your sprinkler. Cigarette smoke will not activate your fire sprinkler. Only high temperatures will activate it.
 Make sure that your system is not blocked and that is properly clean
 Maintain the control valves checked

If you need more information about our fire and sprinkler damage services, call us at 972 947 99 11 and we’ll answer all your questions. Independently of the cause of your water damage, is important that you have a professional team by your side. Our team has the expertise and training that you will need to rescue your property.