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Commercial water damage service that you can trust
Water damage such as plumbing leaks, broken pipes, floods, sewage backup, etc. can happen when you least expected in your workplace. These incidents can cause severe damages to your business that is difficult to solve without professional assistance. Keeping your business up and running is the top priority, and we’ll help you with the best service possible ensuring that you’ll continue working for your family and employees.

When you put your trust in our team, we’ll work hard to exceed your expectations and rescue your property from all the damages. Our team will work directly with your insurance company for all the claims and for helping you with all the hard endeavors. A flooded building can be devastating with water seeping into carpets, flooring, walls and furniture causing mold rutting and other damages. With Irving 24/7 Flood Clean Up you can prevent all these harmful consequences and protect your business with the best service and care.

Whether your water damage has been created by extreme weather or through broken pipes, we can help, no matter the cause or the size. Our team is equipped and prepared to respond to any water damage incident. The experts of Irving 24/7 Flood Clean Up will respond quickly and efficiently to make the repairs necessary to get your business up and running as soon as possible. We’ll keep your business running and your customers happy. Our commercial services include:

 24/7 Emergency Service
 Insurance Billing
 Flood cleanup
 Mold remediation
 Fire and sprinkler damage remediation
 Smoke restoration
 And more…

Long-term effects of water damage include a development of bacteria and mold, unpleasant odor and the increased risk of allergens. If you left the damage unattended, structural damage to the building may also occur in the form of warping and splitting frames, windows, and doors. However, if you contact us immediately you will be helping considerably to reduce the degree of permanent damage to your business.

Common causes of water damage
Plumbing: broken pipes are the most common cause of water damage. It is important to ensure that all your water installments are in good condition, properly installed and fixed.

Appliances: HVAC systems, dryers, washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances can leak, causing water damage.

Natural disaster: Severe weather such as hurricanes, floods, heavy rain, etc. are one of the primary culprits behind water damage and mold growth.

Common effects of water damage
Property damage: Over time, a water damage that wasn’t properly cared can cause severe damage to your walls, floors, furniture, and more.

Mold: After water damage, your property is exposed to get mold, mildew, and other contaminants. Not only mold can damage the structure of your home, but also can affect your health.

We’ll get your business back on track as soon as you call us. Our team can handle any sized emergency using advanced drying techniques to restore soaked structural materials to their original state. We’ll be by your side the entire time, guiding you each step of the way. Call us at 972 947 99 11 and we’ll give you all the information that you need.